Asian Big Boobs Is A Very Specific Porn Category

Asian Big Boobs Is A Very Specific Porn Category

Asian girl with big boobs finds out her roomate wants her

By Lady Sin 

“Asian big boobs” wasn’t something Yui had ever even thought her roommate would touch herself to. In fact, it had never been her intention to see that porn category. 

So, yeah. She’d seen Lucia’s laptop and her internet history. It had been a surprise, for sure. 

Yui looked at herself, noticing how similar she was to the girl in the video. Her boobs were certainly big, but she was naturally skinny everywhere else. Her black hair tumbled down her waist. 

Lucia, however, was very much a Nordic girl: tall, blonde and blue-eyed. Yui had always liked girls like her – secretly kinky. 

The sexual tension between them had been raising for weeks, but now she’d had enough. Yui put on her sexiest lingerie set and decided to make “Asian big boobs” a real experience in Lucia’s life. 

When her roommate came back from grocery shopping, Yui was waiting for her on her bed. Lucia stopped at the door, stunned. 

“Are you going to do something about this or not?” Yui asked with a saucy wink. 

Lucia stepped forward, looking at the floor. 

“Truth is… I’ve never been with a girl before.” 

Yui shook her head. 

“We can always start slow,” she said, “but I know you fuck yourself watching videos of Asians with big boobs.” 

The search for Asian big boobs goes beyond fantasy 

She moved closer to Lucia. Maybe being soft and starting slow would help arouse her a bit more. 

After all, it was kind of intimidating to find your roommate practically naked in your bedroom. 

Yui caressed Lucia’s hair, grateful for her roommate’s summer dress. She skimmed her fingers over Lucia’s arms and cleavage, taking care not to be overwhelming. 

Lucia kissed her cheek, and then the corner of her mouth. 

Yui would have to be very patient this time. She kissed Lucia’s soft lips and then managed to make her straddle her waist. 

Lucia’s eyes were barely open, as if she couldn’t believe what was happening. 

Yui lowered one of the straps of her dress and kissed along her shoulder, playing with her tongue. Lucia’s pussy was almost touching her thigh and she would take advantage of that. 

With a careful movement, she helped Lucia lean on her leg and pushed up. 

Her reaction was priceless. Lucia whimpered and kissed her again, her eyes still closed. Yui squeezed her butt and helped her grind against her. 

Lucia enjoys herself beyond watching Asian big boobs videos

“You want to play with my boobs?” She whispered when Lucia showed signs of more arousal. 

She nodded shyly. Yui sat up and unhooked her bra. Lucia’s eyes widened, her full lower lip trapped under her teeth. 

“They’re so – big… I’ve fantasized so much with them,” she confessed, a bit embarrassed. 

“They’re yours to play with, Lucy. You’re free to explore me… I have many things I want to do with you.” 

Lucia started with slow, careful kisses. She made sure to pay attention to both of her boobs. Yui had never enjoyed people doing that to her, but Lucia was different. 

Then, Lucia sucked on each nipple and blew over the wet peaks, watching Yui whimper at the feeling. She smiled and rolled each one between her fingers. 

“I want to show you something,” Yui said. “Let me explore you this time.” 

Lucia nodded and Yui made her lie on her back. 

She smiled, knowing her roommate wasn’t expecting what she was about to do. When she got to Lucia’s pussy, instead of eating her out as she wanted, she pressed her boobs against it. 

Lucia moaned, her eyes glued to her roommate. 

“You fantasized about this?” 

She nodded, and Yui let her grind her pussy against her tits. She liked to feel her wet and hot arousal and liked the faces Lucia was making. 

Fucking an Asian’s big boobs 

Lucia moved faster and faster, enjoying the pressure of her roomie’s tits against her. The first orgasm left her breathless, but still horny. 

Yui wanted her to have many more. She slid up and kept rubbing their pussies lightly while Lucia massaged her boobs once more. Her belly tightened; Lucy was so sexy. 

Her clit was rubbing against Lucy’s shaved pussy, the perfect spot for her to cum over and over again. When she felt Lucy sucking on her big boobs, she lost it. 

With loud moans, Yui came. 

Lucy had apparently lost all the shyness. She’d barely come down from her orgasm when Lucy made her sit on her face. 

If the feeling of her tongue on her boobs was incredible, she didn’t even have words for when she started licking her pussy. 

Yui moaned with every flick of Lucy’s tongue, right against her clit. She couldn’t help but push her pussy into Lucy’s face, but she didn’t seem to mind. 

In fact, her fingers dug in her butt and kept her in place while she entered her with her tongue. 

Yui’s body, overwhelmed with pleasure, had another orgasm. 

She screamed brokenly, the entire feeling was almost too much. She wanted nothing more than to make Lucy crazy now.

This is the first sexy night of many more to come  

Placing her head between Lucy’s legs, she slid two fingers inside her pussy and hooked them. Then, she gave a sloppy kiss to her clit and lips. 

Lucy was already worked up, and now her legs were shaking around Yui. 

Sucking her clit and sliding her fingers inside and out, Yui worked on bringing Lucy to the brink as quickly and intensely as she could. 

Her fingers made wet sounds against Lucy’s skin, and her sucking noises were louder each time.

Lucy’s begging was louder too, her hips trying to accommodate Yui’s chaotic rhythm. It was harder for her to cum this way, but that was precisely what Yui wanted: to delay her orgasm. 

Lucy cried out when she finally came, her body spasming and her pussy clenching around Yui’s expert fingers. 

Her juices coated Yui’s tongue, something she really enjoyed. With soft strokes of her tongue, she helped her friend come down. 

Lucia pulled her up and embraced her tiredly. 

“I’ve never been happier after searching Asian big boobs before.”

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